For photographers ready to double (or triple) their client bookings & profits.

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Regardless of if you are looking to start making money with your camera or elevate an existing photography business we will get you results.

What we offer is unlike anything else in the market - a 1-1 coaching program that is 100% tailored to your specific goals, challenges & expertise so you can finally have the time & financial freedom that you've always wanted.

*If you could use our help to start or grow a photo business, please apply. The application is here to do one thing, let us, and you, know if we can actually help you. We don't accept anyone into the program that we don't know for certain we can help!

Your only opportunity to get unlimited, 1 to 1 direct access to world renowned photographer, educator & coach, Zach Gray who has coached over 1,500 photographers from industry leaders such as "KJ" & "AJ" to aspiring photographers jumpstarting their photography businesses and go from "start-up" to "growth" mode without the stress, worry and overwhelm.

(for a fraction of Zach's usual coaching fee & with a "results guarantee")

We transformed them from hobbyist to pro!

Meet Your Head Coach - Zach Gray

I have been a pro-photographer and a coach for photographers for over 14 years. 

After turning my own business into a 6-figure earning brand in less than a year, I turned my attention to empowering other photographers to succeed. 

I have done 1 on 1 coaching for some of the best photographers in the country, such as Katelyn James, Amy & Jordan Demos, Luke & Cat, Vanessa Joy & many more! I also have coached over 1,500 photographers in masterminds and workshops, and I’ve helped over 100,000 photographers online find the keys to their success! 

I’ve had the amazing privilege of being on CreativeLive, shot celebrity weddings featured in People Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine and Southern Weddings. I was a Top Elite Pro with Westcott Lighting for 10 years, worked with ExpoImaging, Sandisk, G-Tech and Sekonic. 

Lastly, I have been a keynote speaker all over the world including WPPI, PPA, and MyWed Moscow. 

While everyone is unique with their own beliefs, aspirations & skill set, just about everyone struggles with similar challenges and with my vast coaching experience, you can be rest assured I can help you get started, or get unstuck and unlock momentum in your business, and life.

You may already have a business, but that doesn't mean you'll still be IN business soon...

(85% of photography businesses fail within 3 years. We can help you become the top 15% that make it.)

What kind of photography businesses can we help?

Any & all "client based" photo business such as:
- Weddings
- Portraits
- Newborn
- Senior
- Boudoir
- Volume (Sports/School)
- Pets
- Commercial

What we DON'T do:
- Landscape, Travel, Fine Art

Who We Can Help:

Existing photographers who:

👍 Have a business but bookings lack consistency and you feel "stuck" or "stagnant"
👍 Are in need of a "relaunch" to rebuild momentum
👍 Have tried a lot of different tactics and trainings to get them to where they are at but are ready for a definitive, proven blueprint, customized for them so they can get rid of the stress, overwhelm and worry that they currently have in the business.

Hobbyist photographers who:
👍 Want to launch a client based photography business!
👍 Are "coachable" and willing to trust the process given from your coach
👍 Are "go-getters" and not afraid to put themselves out there
👍 People who value flexibility and the ability to create their own successes
👍 Understand the value of 1 on 1 coaching and are willing and ready to invest into their future

*If you could use our help to start or grow a photo business, please apply. The application is here to do one thing, let us, and you, know if we can actually help you. We don't accept anyone into the program that we don't know for certain we can help!

How Much Time and Money 
(and a little "tough love")

1. Afraid you're too busy? Our program is designed to still work for even the busiest & once you have a photo business launched (or relaunched) you'll have the time freedom you want.

2. Tight on cash right now? We get it, but the important thing is your trust in us, and yourself to actually do the work.  If so, you'll recoup your investment in no time at all & our program has flexible monthly payment options as low as $150 to make the program as accessible as possible.

3. Remember, if it's not now, when will it be?  The #1 thing stopping you from success isn't a "saturated market" it's yourself.  At some point you have to make the choice that you want things to change and you're willing to give it your all, and with our help at each step of the way, if accepted into the program, you'll be able to look back in 6, 12, 24 months from now and be thankful you "took the leap".

Why Photography Is the Best Way to Earn Extra Income

✔️ Low risk: Very low expenses in business
✔️ High income: Start at $150 to $250/hour
✔️ Multiple types of photography to earn income from
✔️ Can only work on the weekends if you want
✔️ Can work wherever you want, whenever you want!
✔️ You already have an existing client pool
✔️ Can get first clients within 90 days
✔️ You'll have a business with purpose & make a big impact on clients lives

Not much time? Our program is designed to still work for even the busiest!

Tight on cash right now? Our program has flexible monthly payment options as low as $150.

Remember, if it's not now, when will it be?  If you're ready to make some changes to your life, apply now!

How (and why) the Program Works...

The reason why Photo Business Launch works is because it combines all 5 vital elements to success.

1. Training
2. Coaching
3. Accountability
4. Easy Execution
5. Ongoing Support

The combination of all 5 of these elements is the secret ingredient to our students success. The only way to NOT be successful, is if you choose to NOT follow the program.

If you have previously purchased courses and not found success, it's not your fault, it's extremely rare for people to find success from solely purchasing a course - because that's just 1 of the 5 elements to success.

Conversely, if you've tried coaching and the coaching was merely "reactive" zoom calls, I'm sure you also were left underwhelmed, without results.

We've spent the last 12 months designing the perfect program that includes each element to success and figured out the ideal way to integrate each success step into the program to ensure student success!

Here's what we mean...

Our training library includes our Photo Business Launch course plus other niche specific professionally produced courses to ensure you have proven curriculum and training to let you dramatically level-up your photography and business & marketing skills - even if you're just getting started.

Our coaching includes UNLIMITED access & support to Zach Gray for the duration of the program.  Zach has coached over 1,500 photographers from those that are just launching their business to many of the top photographers like Amy & Jordan Demos, Katelyn James, Vanessa Joy & many more.  

Our coaching is NOT a boring, unhelpful group Zoom call each week like many other "coaching programs offer".  Instead, we proactively work with each student to understand where they are currently at, help create weekly "needle-mover goals" and establish weekly check-ins to not only make ourselves available for direct support but reach out to you to help you get unstuck whenever we see someone falling behind.

With Photo Business Launch we integrate student execution & accountability throughout the total 6 months of working together so our students are continually making progress towards each larger goal and "success step" or milestone moment.

Speaking of execution, did you know that there are over 20 milestones that are crucial to success to anyone looking to launch their photography business?

Our Photo Business Launch students have these 20 milestones integrated throughout the program curriculum to easily produce continual progress and ensure your success.

To make our students lives even easier, we have put together numerous "swipe files" so you can execute quickly by simply copy/paste and make slight updates for your photo business.

- Not sure what exactly to say to clients on email, we got you covered.
- Not sure what your pricing and packaging should be, we got you covered.
- Not sure what you should include on a client questionnaire (or why), we got you covered.

Photo Business Launch is designed to take you by the hand, step by step to victory - and we guarantee your success!

You will ALSO GET... a Professionally Designed Website!

As they say, "perception is reality" and one of the best ways to instantly "beat" 90% of the competition in your "saturated market" is to have a professionally designed website.  But, most people don't have a great website and instead, the website that they do have actually does them more harm than good...

We solve that problem for you.

...because we worked directly with a professional web designer who we've used for our own websites that have costed us $7,000 to $12,000 and we've created an easy to customize website, professionally designed by them, to give to you - for free.

Imagine how much easier it will be for you to stand out from the competition, book more clients and even be able to increase your pricing as much as 2x or 3x instantly.

All because you now will have a website that actually looks professional and with our assistance is built to convert viewers into leads that are ready to book you!

The P.B.L (Photo Business Launch) Timeline

As soon as you get access to PBL you get instant access to our entire training library.  You can go at your own pace (because we don't want to punish any "extra go-getters!" but the program is designed to give ample time to progress through the important milestones and success steps so even the busiest people can still be successful.

Within the first 90 days we'll get you from ground zero to launching your photography business and the next 90 days will be focused on getting leads, and customers for your newly launched business and working with you to refine your marketing, sales and client delight processes.

Throughout the entire 6 months we'll be proactively working with you step by step to make sure you are continually progressing forward and not getting blocked by any obstacles along the way!

Not much time? Our program is designed to still work for even the busiest!

Tight on cash right now? Our program has flexible monthly payment options as low as $150.

Remember, if it's not now, when will it be?  If you're ready to make some changes to your life, apply now!

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